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Alternatives To Public School

There are many reasons that parents pull their kids from public school, from seeking a more rigorous education to being frustrated with standardized curriculums. The alternatives, however, often seem daunting or confusing. Below is an explanation of the most popular options.

Private Schools

Traditionally smaller class sizes allow teachers to give more individualized instruction to students. Private schools aren’t beholden to the same standardized models as public schools. While this freedom can result in high standards that challenge students, it can also result in a poorer education. Do your homework on different schools’ standards and ensure they hire certified teachers. If your wallet is stretched thin, look for scholarships like the Gardiner scholarships Tampa, which funds education for special needs children.

Charter Schools

They’re classified as public schools, but this is up for debate. The quality of these schools varies, but there are many potential issues to consider. They’re exempt from many local and state laws, so teachers don’t have to be certified, school boards aren’t required to have public meetings. They’re exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, meaning they don’t have to disclose how they use tax dollars. Such exemptions are meant to give them the freedom to become better schools but they have been abused in the past. If you want to enroll your child in a charter school, thoroughly research it first.


This can be a daunting option; you must be willing to invest a lot of time and capable of giving your child a solid education. It allows you to tailor how you teach to your child’s individual learning style, and your child will learn independence and good studying techniques early. That said, it can be hard for them to make friends or hear other perspectives; if you choose this method, consider finding a co-op in your area. This will help ease the burden on you and provide friends for your child.

While there are other schooling options, these are the most prominent. If public school isn’t right for your child, one of these options might fit their personality, goals and learning style better.